Surface modification while maintaining bulk

property of the material

<Main subjects of my research>

1.Surface modification using a self-assembled monolayer

 ・Improvement of water- and oil-repellent property

 ・Improvement of antifouling property

 ・Improvement of liquid-sliding property

 ・Improvement of demolding property

 ・Improvement of anti-biofouling property

 ・Improvement of adhesive property

2.Surface modification by a high-energy electron beam

 ・Immobilization of the metal nanoparticles on the particles

 (Preparation of nanoparticle catalysts for fuel cells)

 ・Immobilization of the metal thin film on the plastic substrates

 (Coating of plastic substrates with metal thin film)

3.Surface modification by a plasma irradiation

 ・Improvement of water wettability

 ・Improvement of adhesive property

 ・Creation of origination for grafting

 ・Control in surface roughness (Roughening and Flatting)